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Selecting the right morganite engagement rings takes effort and time. It’s vital that you do your homework to obtain the ring actually for you and your spouse. The setting, for example, can greatly impact the way a ring feels and looks in your finger. The setting describes the way a gemstone is positioned in a diamond ring.

Here are a few different setting choices to consider when selecting the ideal diamond engagement ring.


The prong setting results in a classic and complicated halo engagement rings. A prong setting happens when the gemstone from the diamond engagement ring takes place in position by small metal claws, or prongs. These prongs could be round, flat, pointed or V-formed. Prongs may either be low-set, which places the gemstone nearer to this guitar rock band, or high-set, which elevates the gemstone to distinguish it in the band. Most prong settings have between 4 to 8 prongs. This setting option is ideal for making the gemstone stick out as the focus of the diamond engagement ring.

Bezel set diamond engagement rings are rings in which the gemstone is encircled with a thin metal rim store the gemstone safely in position. Bezel set rings are ideal for individuals who lead an energetic lifestyle simply because they offer an easy comfort and wearability without detracting in the brilliance of the gemstone. The metal rim functions like a frame for the gemstone, drawing the attention towards its sparkle.

A halo setting happens when the gemstone is encircled by number of smaller sized diamonds. The setting option can also add a increased feeling of flair and luxury for your ring. Halo settings will also be a terrific way to make smaller sized diamonds appear bigger, and also to then add extra sparkle for your ring. Using colored gemstones for that setting can make a watch-catching colour contrast too.

The setting of the diamond engagement rings produces the backdrop for the gemstone, so it’s essential to consider the setting that works well with you. For additional affordable engagement rings under $500 options, browse CrownRing’s choice of classic and modern diamond engagement rings and discover the right band to represent your ex.

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